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How to masturbate with a Penis solo play to take better health. Explore other erogenous zones and don't forget the prostate.


How to masturbate with a Penis solo play to take better health

How to masturbate with a Penis solo play to take better health

Just as exercising keeps the mind and body good, in the same way, you can get many physical benefits by having sex, no matter how much experience you have to masturbation. Due to your daily routine, when you work outside, the human body releases endorphins, which can greatly increase positive sensations and reach your solo play to the extreme. But those who do not know what else they might like enjoy the pleasure of playing a little solo and move forward in your life.

Masturbation is the safe way to overcome loneliness that does not read the wrong effects on your health and it not only stimulates yourself, but also to relieve stress and anxiety, improve your sleep and increase with underlying A simple way to let go of troubles is, in fact, the infinite health benefits of playing solo - moreover, it is very funny and sensual.

Because you can get ready to masturbate with a penis and learn more about it, how you can get started, and what you can do to make your next solo session steamy and your physical activity can make it easier.

Don’t just focus on the penis

Don’t just focus on the penis

The penis is not the most important part of your genitals in a masturbation session, so you can love the rest of the way, in addition to the penis, when your partner manipulates you with your testicles, shaft, and perineum for an aggressive and erotic feeling - your Tainted aka - so why deprive yourself during a single session, rather you should take full advantage of it.

For example, our testicles have almost as many nerve endings as our penis, which is very sensitive. If you want to intensify your happiness, then start pulling down on your balls before the climax. Massaging or playing with your taint may be appropriate to make you have some of the more intense sensations, and through all of this, don't forget to actually stroke your entire shaft to build up that nice face.

Explore other erogenous zones

Explore other erogenous zones

To seek a sensational full-body climax not only with your genitals, you must explore your erogenous zones, playing with and manipulating your erogenous zone is not enough - that is, parts of the body such as ears, neck, nipples, Mouth and lips - Sparks of happiness can hit your entire body.

By the way, using all the parts in your masturbation can be a better experience for you. One can do aggressive acts like rubbing, pulling, pinching, squeezing on these parts of your body to increase your orgasm especially during your solo performance and playing with different touches to find out if you feel good.

Don’t forget the prostate

Don’t forget the prostate

Your prostate or what is known as the male's G-spot occupies a very important place in itself - you may have a golden feel for an intense, full body experience. So, if you haven't redeemed it, now the time has come. To prepare yourself for this and make your masturbation play attractive.

Using your finger may be better for this, you can start slow. Gently rub or massage the outside and inside to rub your anus, then gently put your finger in or out to massage the prostate for more stimulation. Increase speed and speed until you are ready to finish. For this, if you are not using the finger, there are toys with which you can play and make your play good. Do not be afraid to experiment. Shop now for anal sex toys from any online store.

The most common options include:

The automatic dildo sex toy


Pocket stokers

Prostate stimulators

Anal beads

The bottom line

Masturbation is a healthy, natural way that can be a way to explore your fantasies and make you feel good. As we know it has many health benefits. Feeling of stress, increasing your sexual mood, you sleep better at night, and you get a sexual release. It is for you to masturbate and then it is completely fine. Not every way to masturbate can be right or wrong, so take your times searching for your body and all the things that turn you on. Toys and techniques are suitable to make your masturbation feel comfortable.