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What is anal plug and how man can use the anal plug properly with all the precautions?


What is anal plug?

What is anal plug?

Anal plugs are basically anal sex toy and it is only used for the anal stimulation purpose. This is a masturbator sex toys for men and as well as the female masturbator sex toy also. This can be also used by the lesbians and the gay couples.These anal plugs are very famous among all peoples who are interested in anal play and anal stimulation.

These are also known as the ‘BUTT PLUGS’. Anal plugs are so stimulating. It specially designsfor those people who want to anal stimulation and pleasure. Anal plugs are specially design to stimulate the walls of the anal. Butt plugs and anal plugs are not a type of sex toy which move around your anus it stable type of sex toy and vibrates it on its place. Anal plugs are not life penis stimulation toys like fleshlight, tenga, sex doll etc. Blowjob masturbatorsex toys but it’s available in both functions so you can use it as handheld masturbator or hands-free masturbator sex toys.

How can man use anal plugs?

How can man use anal plugs?

Man can use anal plug sex toy and prostate masturbator as male toy in during the anal masturbation. Anal plug is not only providing you stimulation and pleasure, it also intensifies the pleasure of orgasm.

Essential Cleaning

Yes, cleaning is essential, so clean yourself and also your sex toy next empty your anal you can use anal douches for the anal cleaning.


Apply plenty of lubricant. Lubricant makes your masturbation more easy and comfortable. It enhances your pleasure felling of arousal.


How to plug in the anal plug in your anal and it’s very important thing to insert in right way you can start with applying lots of lubricant. After that hold your realistic masturbator toys your hand and take a position according to you. After that you can start insertion. If you re beginner than so insertion slowly first insert some part of anal plug next stop if you feel pain once you get normal again start and do the same method till the end.

Precautions while using the anal plugs?

Precautions while using the anal plugs?

There are lots of precautions which is really important to take at time of masturbation. Yes it is defiantly safe but you have to take care at your on site. So the first things you have to do that you have to clean the sex toy and also clean you’re anal properly. Clean and empty your anal is most important thing to do otherwise you can face many of infection just because of germs.

After cleaning the anal you have to take you anal plug sex toy and charge it for some-time if you have the battery-able sex toy. After that you have to focus on the lubricant because the lubricant is very important to reduce the friction between the anal and the anal plug sex toy and if you don’t use any lubricant than the insertion become so painful. Next you have to use the lubricant according to the material of sex toy if you don’t use the suitable type of lubricant than your sex toy maydamage.