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What is anal beads sex toys are and the types? What are the usages of anal beads?


What is anal beads sex toys?

What is anal beads sex toys?

Anal beads are sex toy consisting small to large size of beads attaching together in one string. This made for anal sex and stimulation basically. It can be continuously inserted through the anus then remove in speed. Your speed of insertion and removing depends on the capacity of you and your partner. Anal beads are comes in verity of shapes and sizes so you can select according to your pleasure. Anal beads are always handheld masturbator toys these are not handsfree masturbators otherwise it will be lost in your rectum. But these definitely provide you feeling like a realistic masturbator toys.

The anal beads are made with different kinds of skin safe and other materials such as- silicone, plastic, rubber, metal, glass and latex. You can see that it comes with a handle to insert and to pulling out the anal beads in your anus. It is very flexible and smooth in use, and it’s completely gives you satisfying feeling. This can be used by both masturbator sex toys for men and for women and in some cases lesbian and gay people also use these anal beads. Along with them male can also use some of the male toy like the fleshlight, tenga, and sex doll not for the anal stimulation but for the penis stimulation. Fleshlight and tengaare the types of blow job masturbator toys.

What are the types of anal beads?

What are the types of anal beads?

Like all the sex toys, the simple principle has been taken by toy manufactures, now all sorts of variations of the anal beads exists. If you are beginner and you never use anal beads but you are curious about it. So you should try an experiment with anal beads so it is a great anal toy to start anal masturbation and sex. Anal beads allow a beginner to start with a basic level, and it will allow you for more than a basic level when you want to step it up. So there are some anal beads-

Silicone anal beads

Silicone made anal beads are soft in use. So beginners can use these anal beads to start the anal sex. It is soft in use. These are comes in different types of shapes so you can purchase this.

Vibrating anal beads

Anal beads masturbator toy are comes with vibration also. So you can use it with different vibration speeds. Vibrating anal beads gives you extra anal stimulation. Vibrating beads attaching to a remote control, to set and control the vibrational speed of the toy. These beads are made with PVC material and it is easy in clean. So if you wanted something firm your ass then vibrating anal beads is perfect for you.

Double-Penetration anal beads

Double penetration anal beads are made for double penetration at one time. This type of double anal beads attach in one string. It is look like Y alphabet. You can stimulate anal, vagina at same time with using this toy.

Rechargeable anal beads

These anal beads are innovative and unique. It comes with rechargeable feature and the anal beads are handy also so you can carry and use anywhere.

Along with them you can further use other sex toys for man like the cock-ring-masturbator, butt-plug-masturbator, and butt plug also known as the name of anal-plug sex toy. If anyone wants to stimulates the p-spot than they can use the prostate-masturbator sex toys.

Usages of anal beads?

Usages of anal beads?

Anal beads are designed as there name suggest, to be inserted into anal. However they also can be used for some teasing foreplay techniques on some other area. The general principal is to use anal beads are inserted one by one. Beginners should buy the ascending beads which offer smaller beads and then increasing in size. You have to use these anal beads with suitable lubricant. If you are using silicone made anal beads then never use the silicone based lubricant with that. Because silicone based lubricant destroy your silicone toy surface. Otherwise silicone based lubricant suitable with all kinds of sex toys except silicone made toy.

You can use it water based lubricant with that. Then you can start with gentle. If you are use anal beads with your partner then your partner should generally but firmly remove the anal beads, this causing an incredibly intense and mind-blowing orgasm. Experienced can fully insert the anal beads into the anal. If couple wants then they will try this with different kinds of sex positions. Such as – doggy style sex position, missionary style sex position and many other you can use this. You can use vibrating anal beads, rechargeable anal beads and any of the other. It will definitely give you the best stimulation and pleasure.