Standard Features

Other builders would consider these items to be “extras”.  We believe that our “standard” features are what make our home a better investment.  As you look at other homes, ask them if any of these are included in their prices.

  • Sub floor glued and screwed to floor joists. There are no squeaks in our floors.
  • OSB ( Oriented Strand Board- wood) exterior wall sheathing, wrapped with house wrap, joints taped, and windows are sealed with tape before siding is installed.
  • Engineered, floor joists and trussed roof. Perfectly straight with no field guesswork to hold up snow loads or brace against winds.
  • 1⁄2” OSB roof sheathing with “plywood” clips between trusses. No sagging later on.
  • Oversized downspouts- helps to eliminate leaf clogged downs and ice dams.
  • Caulk at the driveway where it meets the garage floor. This is to reduce the moisture penetration that will cause the driveway to heave in the winter and bend the door trim.
  • Termite treated soil under the concrete in the basement and garage
  • Separately switched ceiling fans in LR, and all bedrooms
  • Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen
  • Bi-fold closet doors
  • Wood/aluminum clad, casement windows ( Pella)
  • generous flooring allowance
  • Sod- allowance
  • Architectural grade roof shingles
  • Round corner bead
  • Cable and phone jacks in every room
  • Insulation: R-38 attic, R-15 BIBS insulation at exterior walls
  • Shower door, mirrors
  • Egress window in basement (except in walk outs)
  • Under-floor plumbing for basement bathroom
  • Automatic garage door opener with remote
  • White, cast iron kitchen sinks
  • Moen plumbing fixtures
  • Concrete patio or treated wood deck
  • Extra wide stairs to the basement
  • Sound deadening insulation at bathroom, laundry and master bedroom walls.
  • All back fill- soaked in to limit settling later
  • All homes are Energy Star Rated
" It does not take any more time or effort to build with quality. It’s simply a matter of doing things right, the first time."
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