At Becker Construction, Inc., we like to build them right. We will not sacrifice quality for a few more square feet of floor space. Do the math. If a builder can offer a larger house at the same price as another, what is different? 2x10 floor joists? “Black jack” wall sheathing? Vinyl windows? Less insulation? Do they honor their warranties? If you buy from the wrong people, it won’t occur to you for a couple of years. Then it’s too late.

You have come to the right place, if the following statements make sense: 

  1. If you appreciate quality work. Not just where you can see it, but in every corner of your new home, places that you wouldn’t think to look. From the footings to the roof ridge.
  2. If you like saving money on your utilities. Energy efficient building is not expensive- it simply takes thought and planning. If your utility bills are lower, you can qualify for a higher house payment which means you can buy a larger home.
  3. If you like working with honest folks. You don’t need to worry about terms like: discounts, wholesale/ retail, heavy duty, deluxe, extra’s, kickbacks, etc. It’s very simple: This is how much it will cost; this is how much we will make. Nothing hidden!
  4. If you would like to have fun building your next home. It doesn’t need to be stressful. You’ve heard the stories about marriages that barely survived the building process. Life is short- building a new home is a fun process!
  5. If you would like to take advantage of the best and quickest way to increase your equity. A new home appreciates faster than any home that’s been lived in. The cost of land, materials and labor goes up monthly. You could not build a home for the same price today as you could have six months ago.
  6. If you don’t want to walk through your new home and say “where are the mirrors” or “where are the towel bars”, or “how about a patio”. The other builders will be glad to supply those things at an “extra” cost.

When you’re ready to sell a Becker Home, you won’t need to do a bunch of repairs. You can show them how things have held up. Show them your utility bills. And most of all tell them the home was built by Brad Becker.

Brad’s philosophy in life is simple: Praise God, work hard, do what’s right. Reputation is everything to Brad; he refuses to have a customer who is not completely satisfied. Brad enjoys building good, solid, efficient homes. We encourage you to call our past customers- we will gladly provide you with references. 

Please look at our standard features page. Compare as you shop around- our homes are complete when finished- no surprises. We have finished homes available on our current projects page. We have many lots to build on, or we would be happy to build for you on your lot. Check out all the plans at the Home Design Library page. We look forward to hearing from you either in person, on the phone or by filling in our Contact Us page of the website.

" It does not take any more time or effort to build with quality. It’s simply a matter of doing things right, the first time."

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